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NOTE: This page describes Multi Task I for Palm OS 3.1. If you have a newer Palm device, such as OS 3.5, 4.x and 5.x, please try the new MultiTask II.

Multi Task is the solution to your Palm Computing task management needs. Multi Task allows you to quickly create task list templates for any of your projects and group each set of tasks by project.

Script your contacts, meetings, and other business events into Multi Task project templates and every time you get another project or client, open your custom template and your scripted duties will appear with just a few taps of your stylus. Each item that needs attention will appear before you in an easy to read and manage interface. You can add a complex project, set of minor tasks, and a personal obligation in a few seconds with Multi Task.

Here's how you can use Multi Task (4 easy steps):

Multi Task Screenshot

1. Create a Multi Task project template:

A Multi Task template is a list of tasks for a project that you perform on a regular basis. To custom build a template you simply enter a description for each of the tasks involved in your project.

In this example, one of the tasks is a phone call to a client. Notice that the template uses "$name" as a place-holder. The $name place-holder will be replaced by the project name when you use the template later.

You can also define the Due Date for the task. Here we have chosen a due date that is two weeks before the Post Date. You will define the actual Post Date when you start a new project (see below).

Multi Task Screenshot

2. Add more tasks to the project template:

Repeat the above steps until you have a list of all the routine tasks for a project.

In this example, we are editing a template that we have named "Consulting." Again, the $name and $tag place-holders will be substituted when you start a "Consulting" project.

The plus and minus signs (+/-) next to the numbers indicate a due date after or before the project's Post Date. The asterisk (*) indicates an item due on the same date as the Post Date.

So, the tasks for this example template are:
1) Call two weeks in advance to schedule the meeting.
2) Call five days in advance to confirm the meeting.
3) Reserve a meeting room three days before the meeting.
4) Attend the meeting.
5) Make a courtesy call two days after the meeting.

That's it. Your template is done! Multi Task allows you to create and manage dozens of custom templates to suit your needs.

Multi Task Screenshot

3. Use the template for a "New Project":

Now that you have your template ready, you can put it to work. Each time you start another project or get a new client, simply select the template you wish to use and give the Project a name.

In this example we selected the "Consulting" template that we made earlier. The template prompts you for the Name, Tag and Post Date for the project. The name that you enter will be the name of the Project (in this case our project is a meeting with Mr. Jones). The Post Date of this example is the date for the meeting.


Multi Task Screenshot

4. View the new Project task list:

Once you have entered the Name and Tag information, Multi Task will automatically insert them into all the appropriate places on the task list.

The due dates for each task are visible on the right side (select "Show Due Dates" from the "Show..." menu). The exclamation point (!) next to the date indicates dates that have already passed.

And Multi Task's powerful managing features will let you view and switch project lists with a tap of the stylus. You can even sort similar tasks from multiple projects (such as "Call...") into custom categories.

Keep your projects straight. Multi Task is the key for quickly managing and sorting all of your routine projects. Download the demo and see what Multi Task can do for you!


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NOTE: This page describes Multi Task I for Palm OS 3.1. If you have a newer Palm device, such as OS 3.5, 4.x and 5.x, please try the new MultiTask II.

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