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Introducing MultiTask II

A completely newly written version of the hit Power Media software title MultiTask. MultiTask II has been especially tuned to work on Palm OS5 devices. MultiTask works on OS 3.5, 4.x and 5.x. (If you have a Palm device running OS 3.1, please use the older MultiTask I.)

Task Management Software

MultiTask II is the solution to your Palm Computing task management needs. MultiTask II allows you to quickly create task list templates for any of your projects and group each set of tasks by project. Now tasks can be ToDo items and Datebook appointments too!

Script your contacts, meetings, and other business events into MultiTask II project templates and every time you get another project or client, open your custom template and your scripted duties will appear with just a few taps of your stylus. Each item that needs attention will appear before you in an easy to read and manage interface. You can add a complex project, set of minor tasks, and a personal obligation in a few seconds with MultiTask II.

You can build templates around a known date, such as the start, end or mid-point date in a project. Below is a project which has a known "Start Date". All other tasks making up this project template are relative to that
start date (4 days after, 2 weeks after, etc.)

Basic MultiTask II example:

For more in-depth examples, download the PDF MultiTask user manual (1.3 MB).

Set Up a template:

Name your template you can build and use as many templates as you like.

Within each template, create multiple Tasks. Each Task can either be a ToDo or an Appointment.

Choose when this Task should happen.You build templates around a known date, such as the start, end or mid-point date in a project.

Set the task's relative date before or after the project's known date. Specify if the task should fall only on a "Business Day" (week work day). Set up a priority level and a category to group as needed.

Enter the Task Description:

Choose 'place-holder' options from the quick-pick Pencil icon button. Place-holder options can represent a name, project title, address, phone and many more options which will appear in a task.

For example, choosing "Work Phone" will insert the place-holder "%work#"...

...Later, when you use this template, MultiTask will replace "%work#" with the Project's Work Phone.

After the Description is filled in, click Done.

Repeat the above steps until you have a list of all the routine tasks for a project.

In this example, we created the following routine tasks for this project:

  • 4 days later - Follow up call.
  • 5 days later - Reserve meeting room.
  • 6 days later - Prepare presentation.
  • 8 days later - Verify snacks for meeting.
  • 2 weeks later - Meeting with "%name".
  • 15 days later - Follow up courtesy call to "%name" at their work phone number.

Review your list of Tasks in your Template.

That's it. Your template is done! MultiTask allows you to create and manage dozens of custom templates to suit your needs.

Create a Project from Template:

Enter a Title, Description, and use Contact info from the Built-in Address book.

Once you have entered the Title and Contact information, MultiTask will automatically insert the information into all the appropriate places on the task list.

Finally, confirm the Tasks to be created by your template. Uncheck those not needed for a particular project.


View results in multiple locations:

Within MultiTask II,...


...in the built-in Palm ToDo area,...
...in the built-in Palm Datebook, ...
...and also shown here in 3rd-party datebook applications such as DateMan.

Keep your projects straight. MultiTask is the key for quickly managing and sorting all of your routine projects. Download the demo and see what MultiTask can do for you!

For more in-depth examples, download
the PDF MultiTask user manual (1.3 MB).

Download the MultiTask II demo!

Order MultiTask II: $14.95
(no shipping charges, no sales tax)
: The registered copy of MultiTask that we will send you is based upon the user-name of the Palm Computing device that it will be installed on. Enter your handheld user-name (HotSync name):

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