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Workout Tracker makes it easy to record all the information from your workout right into your Palm OS device. You can record all of your information for each exercise, customize exercises to suit your needs, and more!

Workout List With Workout Tracker you can do exercises individually or specify your workout routines. Just name the routine and tap the exercises that go with it. Each routine is stored in Workout Trackers Routine menu for quick access.
Bench Press Details For every exercise, Workout Tracker will let you specify your objective. If you use a treadmill your objective may be to burn 400 calories, run 10 miles, achieve a Heart Rate of 140 beats per second, or just exercise for 45 minutes. Flexibility is one of Workout Trackers strongest features.
Graph calories vs. date One of the most important reasons to keep a record of your workouts is to chart your progress. Workout Tracker will display your progress for each exercise you perform. Your progress will be measured in the fields you have specified for that exercise.

Download the Workout Tracker demo.

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