Power Media, Inc.
Technology Development and Internet Hosting Services

Since 1993, Power Media has offered various technical services for small to medium sized businesses. From simple network management to full-service e-commerce database system, Power Media can get you up-to-speed with today's efficient technology.

  • Database
    Get organized. We'll help you track your customers, products and sales records so you can see the "big picture." Find out where your company is, and where it is going with comprehensive data analysis and reports. Your customers are ready for you, but are you ready for them?
  • Multimedia
    Make a bold impression on your clients with effective print and electronic media publications. Utilize full multimedia capabilities of the Internet. Inform your clients with flyers, catalogs, and newsletters. Satisfy your customers' curiosity with effective marketing materials.
  • Publishing
    We also do packaging, promotion and point-of-purchase. From initial concept, to the store shelves, Power Media will make sure your product is ready for your customers, when and where they want it.
  • Software Development
    Computer applications should work with you, not against you. That's why we often develop custom software for hand-helds and desktop computers. With the right application, computer work (and computer play) becomes more intuitive and effective, which saves costs in the long run.
  • Web Development
    One of the most effective communication methods is a Web site. But it can also do more harm than good. With efficient design and dynamic content, Power Media can establish your online presence as a resource, not just a brochure. Our hosting and maintenance options will keep your site in the spotlight for years to come.
  • Wireless
    You don't need to be tied to a desk anymore. Wireless communication for laptops and handheld devices allows you to do business around your office, neighborhood or the nation, completely free of wires. We continually research and test the latest options and can apply them to your business or personal needs.

Recent Projects

  • Accountant-City.com -- Serving the accountant and tax preparer community, Accountant-City.com is a database-driven system that provides personalized dynamic Web sites with continually updated articles for accountants' clients. The service allows accountants to quickly establish an online presence without having to deal with the technical aspects of creating and maintaining HTML pages. The accountants can easily inform their clients via monthly newsletters that are automatically e-mailed to their clients. Since the entire system is database-driven, it is easily scalable to accommodate any number of members.
  • GearUp.com -- This is a full-featured site for Gear Up, Inc. The online shopping cart system accepts orders 24-hours a day, so the company has experienced a significant decrease in demand for their phone-order staff. The cart system is customized to their particular products so customers are presented with exactly the information they need. The site also offers a password protected "members" area as an information resource for its customers.
  • RuthCarey.com -- The authors of this site provide frequent articles to their readers. Web editing technology from Power Media provides an easy way for the articles to be updated. The site authors don't need to request text updates for their Web site; they simply log-in and make the changes any time they wish. Turn-around time and updating costs are significantly reduced and the authors have full control over their message.
  • WestSlopeArabians.com -- This is a relatively simple site. However it is very effective at providing full-color photographs and detailed descriptions to interested parties throughout the world. Without this Web site, the owners would be constrained to faxing or sending photographs via mail. The site owners and their customers are communicating with ease thanks to the designs by Power Media, Inc.
  • PowerMedia.com -- Of course, we can't forget to mention our own site which also features several of our Palm OS, Macintosh and Newton applications.

Power Media takes the guess work out of your projects. You'll spend less time worrying about making business more time doing business. Let us know what's on your mind and we'll brainstorm some options with you. Give us a try... we like challenges.

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